The dancing grandmothers’ motions entertain the crowd.

Grannies have a unique ability to make us laugh with their corny and out-of-date jokes, but this video will definitely make you laugh, and it doesn’t involve any knock-knock jokes.

Aside from the free food, most children enjoy spending time with their grandparents.

We’re not sure what the event is, but anything that features 9 elderly individuals performing on stage is worth watching if you’re looking for a good chuckle.

The stage is initially lined up with empty chairs as if to build tension and keep the audience guessing about the upcoming performance.

After a short while, it comes, a group of “grannies” either assisted by walkers and canes or riding a wheelchair.

When The Black Eyed Peas’ “Let’s Get It Started In Here” starts playing, the audience knows the grannies are up to something.

As their jam transitions to Flo Rida’s “Low,” the old people on stage start stepping forward in pairs. Grandma who was just minutes earlier quietly walking is suddenly “going low” in front of everyone.

As the grandmas show off their dance moves, the whole auditorium gets filled with laughter from the audience who seems to be having a great time watching the grannies “break it down”.

After impressing the crowd with their slick moves, a few more pairs come up next until the final pair, the one with the grandma in the wheelchair, concludes the performance with her subtle hand and foot movements while being pushed by her partner.

Watch the 9 grannies fill the auditorium with laughter in the video below.

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